Choose your sunglass color in any of our "Lemialy eyewear" models.

Once you chose your "Lemialy eyewear" frame you can add your favorite sunlens in the cart. Choice of 8 different polarized organic sunlens colors, 4 full colored and 4 gradient colored lens types. All lenses are 100% UV protected and polarized. 

We also offer a high contrast drivewear sunlens. This lens will give high comfort vision while driving during sunny, foggy and cloudy days or even when dusk falls.

Next to these 8 sunglasses we also offer a "computer lens". It's a clear lens with a "blue block" coating which filters blue light from the light spectrum.

Working behind a computerscreen all day gives your eyes a discomfort being exposed to the blue light coming from the screen. Wearing glasses with a blue block filter will give you less dry eye, headache or tired eye complaints.



"Lemialy" eyewear is a father and daughter eyewear collection. Why?.....for the love of eyewear. 

Roger and Mila Hoppenbrouwers are the founders of "Lemialy" eyewear. Roger is an eyewear designer for Roger and an experienced optician.  Mila is a stylish and venturous young woman and owner of Lemialy Boutique. This mix is a formula for a new retro eyewear and sunglasses collection. All based on detail for shape, size and natural colors.

Size, shape, fit and color is very important for every face. We have an eye for detail and applied it on the collection. Specially the metal end-piece decorations called rivets. Although some models may look similar to you, they differ in eye size, shape and bridge. That way we can offer you a variety of eyewear in different size and a fit for every face.

All frames can be used for prescription lenses.  We also offer a small range of Polarized sun lenses in 8 different colors. You can choose your sun lens color or blue(light) block computer lens after you clicked on your favorite model. 

Fun fact is that we can help you choose shape, color and advise in how an eyewear frame should fit. Just ask...

"Lemialy" is an eyewear collection sold only online and for consumers only. No intermediary retailers, representatives or opticians.                                              

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